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i have this regex that i use with my website


My question is who i can use querystring with my regex,

/about-us/contact/?l=en -> page.aspx?id=12&l=en

where id=1 = /about-us/contact/

where l=en = /?l=en



i get error on this : \ i C#

Is there a way in regex to tell if ?x=x exist the regex is a match, but if ?x=x don't exist the regex for /about-us/contact/ is a match?


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Description Matches name/value pairs in HTTP Query Strings, placing name into group named "name" and value into group named "value"



Author Rating: Kevin Spencer.

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If you want to include a ? character in your search pattern, you just have to escape it with a backslash. So if you want to find 'l=en', you look for '\?l=en'

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