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I'm trying with the google docs api (python) to create collections and subcollections and to upload files in a created subcollection.

First question: Everything is ok with the below code, the hierarchy is ok (subfolder1 under the folder1, uploaded file under the subfolder1), but the only issue is that the subfolder & the file are also seen in the Home for the end user. I would like to see only the higher level collection in the Home.

Is there a way to prevent the resources (sub-collections & files) to be displayed in the Home ?

Note: I have tried the following alternatives but still get the same result: 1) parameter 'collection=' of create_resource has same result 2) clientlogin or twoleggedoauth have same result

Second question: Is it possible to set the description field ?




filepath = 'C:\\Users\\xxxxx\\Pictures\\'
filename = 'xxxxxx.png'

path = filepath + filename

client =
client.ssl = True

# create a folder

collection1 ='folder', title = 'Script Folder')
collection1 = client.create_resource(collection1)

# create a sub-folder in collection1

subcollection1 ='folder', title = 'Script Sub Folder')
subcollection1 = client.create_resource(subcollection1)

res = client.move_resource(subcollection1, collection = collection1, keep_in_collections = False)

# Upload the resource in subcollection1

doc = = 'file', title = filename)
media =
media.SetFileHandle(path, 'application/octet-stream')
create_uri = + '?convert=false'
doc = client.CreateResource(doc, create_uri = create_uri, media = media)
print 'Created, and uploaded:', doc.title.text, doc.resource_id.text

client.move_resource(doc, collection = subcollection1, keep_in_collections = False)
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In brief, what I need to find is : how to do the ui feature "don't show in home" through the python classes – Ludovic Emo May 9 '12 at 16:00

There is another much simpler approach.

subcollection1 = client.create_resource(subcollection1,collection=collection1)

The script sub folder never appears on your root folder by this approach.

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Here is the solution:

subcollection1 ='folder', title = 'Script Sub Folder')
subcollection1.AddCategory(, + "#",
subcollection1 = client.create_resource(subcollection1)
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