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UPDATE: If anyone knows a tool that is free, and would display, and let me edit DB2 table data stored on a Zos System, I welcome that as an answer too. Really all I'm trying to do is find a nice windows GUI interface to avoid using the 3270 environment.

I'm connecting to a DB2 database with Oracle SQL developer. There's several tables in the database, but I don't see them listed when I start the connection, or make a query.

I'm using a DB2 on zOS and I've got the connection with the following 2 drivers db2jcc.jar db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar

Does anyone know if this is something I have to live with, or is there something I am missing to show all the tables? Also, if people know why I can't edit in-line query results, that'd be awesome to. They seem to be read only.

FYI, schema browser doesn't allow me to do anything either.

enter image description here

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At work we use DbVisualizer. Your mainframe DBA's will need to give your account you are connecting with privileges to see the system catalogs.


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