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I'm creating a function to use multiple matrices in an analysis studio.

The matrices are given with the same name with a date reference in the name (month to month and year to year: nov-1956 is matrix5611, dec-1956 is matrix5612, jan-1957 is matrix5712, and so on until the end of 1999.

For each one there should be a comparison between the mean value of each month/year (depending of what area of study are you focused on).

I'm trying to use some loops to vary the name of the input matrix instead of write manually date by date, but a function that helped would be useful.

Any idea or useful function?

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S = load('mydata.mat'); is very useful, you can then do structure access using dynamic field names. – Ben Voigt May 7 '12 at 21:32
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If you have your data in different matrices, you can use eval to store the means to some matrix, in this example MeanMatrix, in which Y dimension is year and X dimension is month:

Edit: It's not running number from 5611 but yymm...

Edit: It seems that matrices don't begin from January 1956 but from November 1956.

% add here missing months matrix index strings.

MissingMatricesCellArray = {'5601', '5602', '5603', '5604', '5605', '5606', '5607', '5608', '5609', '5610'};

% MissingmatricesCellArray = {};

for Year = 56:99
    for Month = 1:12
        NumString = sprintf('%02d%02d', Year, Month);

        % calculate and store means only for matrices that are not missing.
        if ~(ismember (cellstr(NumString), MissingMatricesCellArray))
            MeanMatrix(Year,Month) = mean(mean(eval ([ 'matrix', NumString ])));

Then you can compare the means of months and years the way you wish.

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Thanks for the edit. Both answer have plenty meaning right now – Luis May 7 '12 at 21:04

I would prefer to use cell array's for this rather than eval.

for y = 56:99 % for each year 
    for m = 1:12 % for each month    
      ind = createYearMonthInd(y,m);
      matrix{ind} = ...  % whatever you want here (note the curly braces)

function ind = createYearMonthInd(y,m)
     ind = y * 100 + m;
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I understood that OP has received the original data as separate matrices named matrix5611, matrix5612, matrix5701 and so on and so use of any more convenient form of storing of data (such as a cell array or one matrix for all data) would require first conversion from separate matrices, for which I think you need to use eval or, alternatively, generate and run a custom function. – nrz May 7 '12 at 20:36
Agreed, if OP is so constrained, then he is. I simply wanted to make him aware of this feature. – Chris A. May 7 '12 at 20:42

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