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I have a .jsp page that passes the variable from the servlet. Lets assume that I have a .jsp page like


and lets also assume that variable = "oh my god". This is OK. But how I can put this variable to the .html page that the browser will show the value of the variable?

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You need to do this:

<%= Variable %>

The resulting HTML will be:

oh my god
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if I put this into html page, then as a result I get <body> <%= Variable %> </body> and not the value of the variable –  user721588 May 7 '12 at 20:13
@Bob: you put that in the JSP file, not in a HTML file. The resulting HTML will be rendered by the Servlet/JSP engine. –  Pablo Santa Cruz May 7 '12 at 20:14

Actually currently best voted answer and solution posted there (<%= Variable %>) acts exactly the same as code that you provided in the question (${Variable}). The only difference is that yours is the one that should be used, because it's more readable and it's not any damn scriptlet!

For my point of view the, if you want to your JSP variable in play html page, you will need javascript to retrieve that variable out of html rendered by jsp, and you it in the actual newPage.html. You could put hidden iframe into that newPage.html, embed there jsp page as source of that iframe, and just parse its html with e.g. getElementById()

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There are two options, either use scriptlets or expression language, i would suggest go with expression language.

Good Read on why Scriptlets are Bad

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