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SET TopCountry AS BOTTOMCOUNT( [Dimension Client].[Nazwa Firmy].MEMBERS, 3,      IIF(IsEmpty([Measures].[Fracht]), 0, [Measures].[Fracht]))
MEMBER [Order Count] AS (IIF(IsEmpty([Measures].[Facts Orders Count]), 0, [Measures].[Facts Orders Count]))

[Order Count] ON COLUMNS,
TopCountry ON ROWS
FROM [N Wind PL2]
    ([Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[1]),
    ([Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[2]),
    ([Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[3]),
    ([Dimension Client].[Kraj].&[USA]),
    ([Dimension Client].[Kraj].&[Meksyk])

I have error, which I wrote in title and I searched it in google and solutions were not understandable for me.

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Looks like you've got the brackets and braces a bit mixed up on your where clause. Try:

            [Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[1],
            [Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[2],
            [Time].[Hierarchy].[Order Year].&[1997].&[3]
            [Dimension Client].[Kraj].&[USA],
            [Dimension Client].[Kraj].&[Meksyk]
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put hierarchy in one brace and dimension in one brace

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