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I am trying to create a Content Management System using Codeigniter. At present I am stuck on finding a text editor that has built-in image upload option (just like in joomla), so that users can insert images in the content from their uploaded images.

I have found so many text editors but haven't found any which has a built-in image upload option.

Could you please suggest an open source Rich text editor that has image upload option?

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TinyMCE Example here. (Image upload: Go to Images -> Klick the "Browse" icon!

Niceedit Example here

CKEditor Example here

I would recommend these 3!

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I think it's worth mentioning that TinyMCE and CKEditor require purchase if you want to upload files and Niceedit uploads them to imgur –  JVE999 Oct 11 '13 at 0:23

CKEditor is always a good solution

See a demo here

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TinyMCE in combination with the MCImageManager plugin is a decent option. I'm biased though because I think TinyMCE is awesome (it's amazingly easy to integrate, for one thing).

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You go for tiny mce.It has an image uploading plugin and that you will have to buy from them. I dont think you will get any editor with free image uploading feature.

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