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I am developing an app that take pictures from camera object and save it to the sdcard. It works great except some things.(I cant config some parameters for example resolution). But when I take picture it freeze on the screen. I just want to resume the preview and capturing same way after I take picture. here is the full code :

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You have to put mCamera.startPreview(); inside your onPictureTaken() function to restart preview again, because it stops automatically when the picture is taken.

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That's true. the preview starts again when I locate the mCamera.startPreview(); in onPictureTaken() function but I cant capture again , program force close – baha May 15 '12 at 10:30

Maybe this will help. From Android SDK documentation on takePicture():

After calling this method, you must not call startPreview() or take another picture until the JPEG callback has returned.

The JPEG callback is implementation of onPictureTaken(), as I understand. So you should defer your call to startPreview.

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