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I am looking for a helper class/method/gem that's out there that will help me format a time helper. The output I'm looking after passing in an instance of is something like the following:

"1 minute ago" 
"2 minutes ago"
"1 hour ago"
"2 hours ago"
"1 day ago"
"2 days ago"
"over a year ago"

I started writing something like this but it's going to be long and painful and I feel like something like this has to exist. The only catch is I need it to use my own wording, so something with a formatter is required..

 def time_ago_to_str(timestamp)
    minutes = ((( - timestamp).abs)/60).round
    return nil if minutes < 0
    Rails.logger.debug("minutes #{minutes}")

    return "#{minutes} minute ago" if minutes == 1
    return "#{minutes} minutes ago" if minutes < 60
    # crap load more return statements to follow?
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Such a helper already exists and is built-in to Rails:

=> "5 days"


If you'd like to customize the wording you can create a custom I18n locale, for example, I created one called time_ago in config/locales/time_ago.yml:

       half_a_minute: "half a minute"
         one:   "less than 1 second"
         other: "less than %{count} seconds"
         one:   "1 second"
         other: "%{count} seconds"
         one:   "less than a minute"
         other: "less than %{count} minutes"
         one:   "1 min"
         other: "%{count} mins"
         one:   "about 1 hour"
         other: "about %{count} hours"
         one:   "1 day"
         other: "%{count} days"
         one:   "about 1 month"
         other: "about %{count} months"
         one:   "1 month"
         other: "%{count} months"
         one:   "about 1 year"
         other: "about %{count} years"
         one:   "over 1 year"
         other: "over %{count} years"
         one:   "almost 1 year"
         other: "almost %{count} years"

Now, you can use the locale with distance_of_time_in_words:

# distance_of_time_in_words(from_time, to_time = 0, include_seconds = false, options = {})
distance_of_time_in_words(5.minutes.ago,, true, {:locale => "time_ago"})
 => "5 mins" 

You could of course add this to config/locales/en.yml and completely override them application wide, which would you allow you to call time_ago_in_words as mentioned above!

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the problem with time_ago_in_words is it doesn't let me use my own formatting. what if I want to use 5 mins ago instead of 5 minutes ago? – randombits May 7 '12 at 21:40
I'm sure distance_of_time_in_words does, as it accepts the I18n locale as an option. I'll try to make an example; however you can always copy the source and modify it:… – kwarrick May 7 '12 at 21:46

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