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I noticed that in the AllegroGraph Python API tutorial here, whenever they want to use OWL reasoning they use the conn.getStatements method instead of issuing a Prolog or SPARQL query. Is it possible to get triples inferred from the OWL reasoner by issuing a Prolog or SPARQL query instead of using the conn.getStatements method? I tried a Prolog query:

(select (?x ?y) (q ?x !ex:owned-by ?y))

where I had defined owned-by as owl:inverseOf ex:owns and had the triple ex:someone ex:owns ex:something in my store, and I got no results. I do get results from using conn.getStatements, so am I missing something essential in the Prolog query?

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Did you call setIncludeInferred on the query object returned from prepareTupleQuery before calling evaluate?


IncludeInferred is False by default. I believe valid values are false (no reasoning), "rdfs++" or True, and "restriction", as mentioned in the HTTP rest documentation for the infer http query parameter. The Python implementation just passes the value through.


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ah, that's what I was missing. Thanks! –  John Peter Thompson Garcés May 8 '12 at 17:39

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