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I try to get context object in IPubAfterTraversal hook from event

def admin_language_negotiator(event):
    Event handler which pokes the language after traversing and authentication is done, but before rendering.
    # Keep the current request language (negotiated on portal_languages)
    # untouched

    request = event.request

    if not IAddonSpecific.providedBy(request):
        # Add on is not active

    context = request.get("PUBLISHED", None)

I'd like to do:

   IContentish.providedBy(context) # Check if real content request or CSS/Image request

PUBLISHED is not content item context, however:

   <FSPageTemplate at /Plone/en/plan/plan/document_view>

The PUBLISHED may or may not point to a view. What is the safest way to get published content item object, if any, out of HTTPRequest?

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plone.app.theming does it like this:

def findContext(request):
    """Find the context from the request
    published = request.get('PUBLISHED', None)
    context = getattr(published, '__parent__', None)
    if context is None:
        context = request.PARENTS[0]
    return context


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Works. Here is the full story: github.com/miohtama/silvuple/blob/master/silvuple/negotiator.py –  Mikko Ohtamaa May 11 '12 at 1:30

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