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How would I do the following in Haskell?

INPUT: lst = [[("car", 40)],[("truck", 60)],[("motocycle", 50)],[("jeep", 60)]]

OUTPUT: newlst = [("car", 40),("truck", 60),("motocycle", 50),("jeep", 60)]

I basically want to be able to convert the INPUT list to the OUTPUT list. One thing that came to mind was flattening the list but I just can't seem to rap my mind around it.

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Use Hoogle to search for the type signature you need. concat is the first result when you search for [[a]]->[a]. –  dave4420 May 8 '12 at 8:02

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Use concat.

> concat [[("car", 40)],[("truck", 60)],[("motocycle", 50)],[("jeep", 60)]]
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