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I have an intranet web app running in a virtual directory on a Win 2003 server. I would like to have the app pick up the user name for personalization.

In the web.config I have set the following:

<authentication mode="Windows" /> <identity impersonate="false"/> <authorization> <allow users="*" /> <deny users="?" /> </authorization>

In IIS 6 I have set directory Security set to Integrated Windows authentication and have Enable Anonymous access disabled. In IE9 I have the site address set in the local intranet zone and Integrated Windows Authentication enabled.

If I access the site with Chrome or FF I get a login prompt and I can enter the username/password and everything works but if I go to the site with IE9 I get a 401 error.

The goal is to pickup the username so that I can do personalization of web parts and log access to certain areas.

Any ideas on how to make this work? Chrome and FF are not options, IE is our standard.


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Is the user you're trying to access the site with in the same domain as the site? –  Nathan Rice May 8 '12 at 15:36
Yes. Any of the users are in the AD for the domain. The server is inside our firewall. –  John S May 8 '12 at 17:30
Within the intranet zone in IE check the following: Tools > Internet options > Security tab > Custom level > Scroll to the bottom > User Authentication, Logon –  Tom May 14 '12 at 20:14

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