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I'm getting the following error when my ASP.NET 4.0 site loads, and it's because of my WCF service settings in the web.config file (I'm just not enough of a WCF expert and Google isn't helping :)):

The endpoint at '[Path to my Service.svc]' does not have a Binding with the None MessageVersion. 'System.ServiceModel.Description.WebScriptEnablingBehavior' is only intended for use with WebHttpBinding or similar bindings.

I was using webHttpBinding but was getting the following error, so now I'm using basicHttpBinding after following the advice of this post:

Security settings for this service require 'Anonymous' Authentication but it is not enabled for the IIS application that hosts this service.

Anyways, here's the relevant info from my web.config. Please help!

      <behavior name="ABC.ProjectName.Web.ServiceBehavior">
        <serviceDebug httpHelpPageEnabled="true" includeExceptionDetailInFaults="true" />
      <behavior name="ABC.ProjectNameDell.Web.ServiceBehavior">
        <enableWebScript />
  <serviceHostingEnvironment multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true" 
                             aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" />
      <binding name="webHttpBinding_AnonymousDisabled" >
        <security mode="TransportCredentialOnly">
          <transport clientCredentialType="Windows" />
    <service name="ABC.ProjectName.Web.AjaxService" >
      <endpoint address="/" 
                contract="ABC.ProjectName.Web.AjaxService" />
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You can't use basicHttpBinding with enableWebScript. Set your binding to WebHttpBinding.

  <service name="ABC.ProjectName.Web.AjaxService" >
    <endpoint address="/" behaviorConfiguration="ABC.ProjectName.Web.ServiceBehavior"
      contract="ABC.ProjectName.Web.AjaxService" />
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