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What would be the equivalent of this (Javascript) in python?

var patt = /sub(\d+)\.domain\.com\/(\d+)/
  , m    = url.match(patt)
  , url = 'http://sub' + m[1] + '.domain.com/' + m[2]

I'm new at Python and not quite understanding the regex system yet :(

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is that javascript? –  Mike Pennington May 7 '12 at 22:11
@MikePennington ah, yes...sorry forgot to add that! –  Pastor Bones May 7 '12 at 22:16

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You've pretty much already got it

>>> x = re.search("sub(\d+)\.domain\.com\/(\d+)","sub123.domain.com/546").groups()
('123', '546')
>>> url = "%s blah blah %s" % x
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The rough equivalent of your code in Python would be

import re

url = 'http://sub36.domain.com/54'

patt = re.compile("sub(\d+)\.domain\.com\/(\d+)")
m = patt.search(url)
url = 'http://sub'+m.group(1)+'.domain.com/'+m.group(2)
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