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So i have an eclipse project, with a bunch of junit test files. I want to run all of them, except ones that have a certain suffix (or inversely, only those that have one of a set of suffixes).

Eg, i can do this in maven; i can run all tests in a project that are in files that end in "Test", and all other files are ignored.

I want to do something similar in eclipse w/o having to configure things; just based on names. Right now i would go to "run configurations.." and then select "run all tests in a selected project..", but it'll run everything it finds in there; i want to omit files based on their suffix.

Is there a way to do this in eclipse?

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See if the my answer here helps. It is related to Android, but similar for configuring JUnit. –  yorkw May 7 '12 at 23:43

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I think this http://johanneslink.net/projects/cpsuite.jsp is the best answer for your question.

See also the answer above How to exclude a test from a test application using eclipse android-junit launch configuration

Another option http://stackoverflow.com/a/457299/1137529 (@RunWith(Suite.class)

Another one http://stackoverflow.com/a/1645369/1137529 (subclassing BlockJUnit4ClassRunner)

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