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I'm using the Youtube iframe API, and I'm trying to get autoplay and queuing, polling, and start/stop working.

I'm starting with just getting autoplay to work. I've looked at the developer documentation so please don't post another link to that.

I include the API:

var tag = document.createElement('script');
tag.src = "http://www.youtube.com/player_api";
var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, firstScriptTag);

but because this is an AJAX request, and the DIV which holds the player isn't in the DOM when the page is loaded, I don't call function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady()

Instead, when the player is to be loaded (which is always long after the DOM has been loaded), I call

var videoID = video.split('=').pop();

var player = new YT.Player('video_holder', {
             width:  "480", 
             height: "295", 
             videoId: videoID,
             events: {'onready': onPlayerReady}
function onPlayerReady(event) {

This code loads the video, but the video doesn't play. The only error I have in the console is the unsafe JavaScript attempt to access error, which I understand is common for the iframe API.

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The event names are case sensitive so change onready to onReady.

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