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I'm using the best_in_place gem (https://github.com/bernat/best_in_place) for in place editing in a Rails app. My controller has the line:

format.json { respond_with_bip(@user) }

The gem generates purr notifications for any validation error, but is there any way for me to also flash a notice for a successful update? I can't seem to find this anywhere in the documentation, and the fact that bip responds with JSON makes the whole thing seem very black box to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes I am having this issue also. It seems that on the RailsCast and their Github Readme but I can't get it to work either –  Norto23 May 8 '12 at 0:16
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It depends on what you are doing in your controller, but couldn't you have an event that gets triggered upon update to display a notice - on ajax:success for example.

Upon re-reading your question, I don't think this'll help you actually. But check out Flash Render Gem just in case. Here's the info on how to implement the gem.

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$('.best_in_place').best_in_place().bind('ajax:success', function(evt, data, status, xhr) {
     // Use them how ever you need eg $("#yourdiv").text(data["message"]);

In your controller

format.json { render :json => { :message => "Successfully Saved your Model" } } 
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Since you are responding with JSON, there is no flash message. Flashes are on HTML pages (for which you can user flash[:message] = "Success! Hooray!"), but there is no place from them to display on a JSON request.

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