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I am using this query to make a union between two tables but it seems that block=0 at the where clause not working properly for some reason i can not understand. Any help appreciated.

 Select if (requester_name='user1',receiver_name,requester_name) as otheruser 
 from follow_requests 
 where ((LOWER(requester_name)=LOWER('user1') 
        or LOWER(receiver_name)=LOWER('user1')) 
       and follow=1 and BLOCK=0) 

 Select if (requester_name= 'user1',receiver_name,requester_name) as otheruser 
 from friend_requests 
 where ((LOWER(requester_name)=LOWER('user1') 
        or LOWER(receiver_name)=LOWER('user1')) 
       and accepted=1 and BLOCK=0)
)  as results

I get 17 results instead of 16 because i have one user blocked so block is 1 for that user.

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If block is 1, it's not one of your 17, my suspicion, would be a duplicate –  Tony Hopkinson May 7 '12 at 22:55
it was a duplicate –  stefanosn May 20 '12 at 16:57

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