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What are the steps for installing all the dependencies needed to get python django working with Apache2 on a Redhat4 system?

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Check if you have the Apache apxs module, which is needed for installing other modules (sudo find / -name "apxs").

If no apxs module exists then:

sudo yum install httpd-devel

For python's django module you need to install the python developer package, and its dependencies--in my case I ran these 2 install commands:

sudo yum install gcc
sudo yum install python-devel

Installing and configuring dgango to talk to apache is a bit complex. You need to install the mod_wsgi python module and edit/configure the apache configuration file and the wsgi.py files (read this).

wget http://modwsgi.googlecode.com/files/mod_wsgi-3.3.tar.gz
tar xvfz mod_wsgi-3.3.tar.gz
cd mod_wsgi-3.3

Add this line in the "LoadModule" part of your apache config file (ie. something named like these: www.vhost.conf , httpd.conf , etc)

LoadModule wsgi_module modules/mod_wsgi.so

Restart apache so it recoginizes your new changes:

/etc/init.d/sudo service httpd stop
/etc/init.d/sudo service httpd start

Redhat Docs for installing Apache modules

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