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The @param tag allow the documentation of properties, e.g.

  * @param {Object} userInfo Information about the user.
  * @param {String} userInfo.name The name of the user.
  * @param {String} userInfo.email The email of the user.

How would I document the properties of the @this tag?

  * @this {Object} 
  * @param {String} this.name The name of the user.
  * @param {String} this.email The email of the user.

I'm wondering if anyone working on the project knows. (The docs are still being created...)

Thanks Matt

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To document instance members, use @name Class#member:

  Construct a new component

  @class Component
  @classdesc A generic component

  @param {Object} options - Options to initialize the component with
  @param {String} options.name - This component's name, sets {@link Component#name}
  @param {Boolean} options.visible - Whether this component is vislble, sets {@link Component#visible}
function Component(options) {
    Whether this component is visible or not

    @name Component#visible
    @type Boolean
    @default false
  this.visible = options.visible;

    This component's name

    @name Component#name
    @type String
    @default "Component"
  Object.defineProperty(this, 'name', {
    value: options.name || 'Component',
    writable: false

This results in a Members section in the documentation that lists each member, its type, default value, and whether it's read only.

The output as generated by jsdoc@3.3.0-alpha3 looks like this:

JSDoc3 output

See also:

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how does this work with the var Component = function () { } paradigm? –  Michael Scott Cuthbert Jun 6 '14 at 21:17

Use the @property tag to describe the attribute of an object.

@param is used to define the parameters of a method or constructor.

@this is used to define which object this refers to. So here's an example using JSDOC 3.

* @class Person
* @classdesc A person object that only takes in names.
* @property {String} this.name - The name of the Person.
* @param {String} name - The name that will be supplied to this.name.
* @this Person
var Person = function( name ){
    this.name = name;

JSDOC 3: https://github.com/jsdoc3/jsdoc

More information: http://usejsdoc.org/index.html

More info: http://code.google.com/p/jsdoc-toolkit/wiki/TagParam

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I believe this actually documents a property of Person's constructor, not of Person instances. It also adds an item under in the documentation that says "This • Person", which is not useful. –  lazd Jan 23 '14 at 18:51

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