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A few years back I built a social network site that had around 500,000 registered users, it was similar to Myspace at the time where users could post and view Bulletin post from there friends.

So I would use a MySQL query similar to the one below to get JUST the bulletin/post that were posted by someone they had a Friendship with on the site. It was always a challenge to make it as fast as possible, I had tried the below query and many other queries including JOIN's and similar queries, the one below yielded the best performance of all my testing.

$sql = 'SELECT auto_id, user_id, bulletin, subject, color, fb.submit_date, spam
        FROM friend_bulletin AS fb
        WHERE (user_id IN (SELECT userid 
                            FROM friend_friend
                            WHERE friendid = '.$user_id.' AND status =1)
                            OR user_id = '.$user_id.'
        ORDER BY auto_id
        DESC limit 0,100';


  • 1 million users in DB
  • 3 million bulletin posts/news feed items in DB
  • 10 million Friendship records in the DB
  • A user with 30-40,000 friends has to get all Bulletin/feed items of just there friends

What are some of the best approaches for doing a news/bulletin feed. By bulletin/news feed I am talking about...

  • The Myspace bulletins which showed bulletin posted posted by ONLY your friends
  • Facebook feed, shows feed items ONLY from your friendships (images, status, likes, etc..)
  • Twitter shows status posts from ONLY the people you are Following

I think you have an idea of what I am after, a Feed system like those networks using PHP, MySQL, Memcached. First I have to establish a list of FriendID's for the user that is logged into the site, I then have to Query for all the records that are posted by a FriendID that is in my list of FriendID's. This gets tricky when you are dealing with millions of records.

Please explain some approaches to to on a high traffic/large database site on some of the best methods to do such a feed.

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This depends entirely on the your application's architecture, the hardware you have, etc. Facebook has done multiple presentations on their architecture for newsfeed specifically -- this might be a good place to start. A short answer, assuming high performance demands and large hardware budgets: create a large memcached cluster, and push denormalized newsfeed data in for each user as events happen. If you can pull the whole newsfeed from memcache with a single get command you're in great shape. – Frank Farmer May 8 '12 at 0:12

This question is a little bit ambiguous, but I hope this helps:

I think it's best if you look at how current big social networks operate.

Personal Suggestions

Throughout the past year I have been using the WebSocket Protocol on a university project. I have benchmarked WebSockets, and HTTP using Apache Bench, and have found using WebSockets helps improve latency, and lowers bandwidth consumption. Also my application running on Node.js webserver was able to deal with many more websocket requests per second than HTTP requests, this could also be true on your web server.

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