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Does this follow a common namespace design pattern for XML in such a way that I can deduce exactly what beans belong to what namespace? If not, how can I inspect the underlying API in order to make an accurate assessment?

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You can find out, but you have to dig through some code. The entry-point for processing a namespace is an implementation of org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.NamespaceHandler. This implementation will typically set up a number of org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.BeanDefinitionParser implementations to handle the various top-level elements in that namespace.

The NamespaceHandler implementations are usually named according to the schema they support, but that is not guaranteed. To determine without doubt which handler is reponsible for a given namespace, you need to find the spring.handlers file that defines that namespace handler. That file will be located in the META-INF folder of the containing jar.

For example: In the META-INF folder in spring-tx-[version].jar there is a spring.handlers file with the following line:


That is, the tx namespace is handled by the TxNamespaceHandler. If you look in the source-code of that handler, in the init() you will see

registerBeanDefinitionParser("advice", new TxAdviceBeanDefinitionParser());

which means that a <tx:advice> statement in your spring xml is processed by the org.springframework.transaction.config.TxAdviceBeanDefinitionParser. You can drill down into any spring.handlers and NamespaceHandler in a similar way.

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