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After reading the doc very carefully, I'm writing the following code snippet for the autologin feature of my program:

url = URI.parse('http://localhost/login.aspx')
req =
req.basic_auth 'username'

The target page asks only the correct user name, no password is needed in order to login, the basic_auth method requires two parameters, user name and password, if I leave one out, I'll get the error, I tried to write it like this "req.basic_auth 'username', ''", but I still cannot login.

Could anyone kindly give me a hint?

more info: I also tried req.basic_auth 'username', '', it didn't seem to be working, I know this because there's another line of line follow right after this one, which is basically doing auto form submission. x = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse("http://localhost/NewTask.aspx"), params) puts x.body

And the puts result came back with the redirect to login page body.

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req.basic_auth 'username', '' should work. Maybe it would help if you showed the relevant server log for your application, or any errors ruby is throwing when you run the code? – dgtized May 8 '12 at 1:34
Thank you dgtized for your reply. The target site isn't hosted locally, I'm not able to capture the server log, I tried req.basic_auth 'username', '', but it didn't seem to be working, I know it because, there's a auto-submittion code right after this, x = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse("localhost/NewTask.aspx"), params) puts x.body, the put result came back with the redirect to login page. – Tylr May 8 '12 at 2:01
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You can consider using ruby mechanize gem. a login example will be much simpler(from official site), for this one, you will not need to do the agent cert and private key thing:

require 'rubygems'
require 'mechanize'

# create Mechanize instance
agent =

# set the path of the certificate file
agent.cert = 'example.cer'

# set the path of the private key file
agent.key = 'example.key'

# get the login form & fill it out with the username/password
login_form = agent.get("").form('Login')
login_form.Userid = 'TestUser'
login_form.Password = 'TestPassword'

# submit login form
agent.submit(login_form, login_form.buttons.first)
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Thank you so much c2h2, after digging a bit of mechanize docs, I'm now able to login the site, looks like I'll then rewrite the auto form submission part using mechanize as well. – Tylr May 8 '12 at 8:16
don't worry, mark the correct answer and vote if you it worked out for you, and later people come to the same question can refer your selection. – c2h2 May 8 '12 at 8:43

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