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In my application I have an administrator who can create Tournament objects. When the object is created the service also creates a user (based on the tournament director's info which was entered at creation). The username for the user is the director's e-mail, the password is randomly generated and then mailed to the director.

When the director logs on with his e-mail address and password, I need to be able to link him to his own tournament, in order to only allow him to edit his own tournament's details. I have tried to find a way to store the TournamentId in the default ASP Net Users database, but was unsuccessful.

I had a look at this SO question which would certainly help me, but I can't figure out how it would apply to my problem. When the user logs on, I can't put the TournamentId in the userdata seeing as I don't know it.

Should I then do a lookup in the Tournament table to see which ID corresponds to the email address entered at login and store that in the userData? It seems quite unelegant this way.

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I guess you should have a CreatedBy column in your Tournament table where you store the ID of the user who created the tournament. Then when the user logged in, get his id ( may be from session ,if you store it there), Do a select query where CreatedBy=loggedInUserId .That should do the trick.

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I think you may have misunderstood the question slightly, but I think I know what to do now, thanks. –  Mekswoll May 8 '12 at 1:19

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