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I have a profile on my iPhone that is no longer available elsewhere. However, I would like to install this profile on my iPad. Is there any way to export these certificates? I tried grabbing the TrustCore.sqlite3 file form my iPhone and putting it on my iPad, replacing the one that was there previously, but that did not work after rebooting my iPad. I also tried using the iPhone Configuration Utility but it doesn't allow me to export individual certificates. Does anyone have any idea how I would go about doing this?

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Simply plug your iPhone into your Mac, open XCode, and open the Organizer (Window -> Organizer).

Then select Devices, and find your device. Tap Provisioning Profiles. You should see the Provisioning Profile you are looking for there. Then click and drag the provisioning profile into a Finder window, and it will copy it there. Hope this helps.

enter image description here

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Provisioning profiles are not the same as configuration profiles. ;-) –  Dave Peck May 17 at 0:50

AFAIK, you can't exact configuration profile from a device. I have also tried with jailbroken phone, but could not find quick solution. I think its security provided by Apple. Otherwise, anyone can retrive installed configuration profile and modify it and re-install it.

Answer given by @obuseme is for provisioning profile. You can get them as mentioned by him. Configuration profiles are different than provisioning profile.

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