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I have a python script that is looging to syslog without an issue. On the same box I have a python script running via apache and WSGI and I can not get it to log to syslog. The logging configuration is almost identical and here is the section from the WSGI program.

logger = logging.getLogger('my_log')
handler = logging.handlers.SysLogHandler(address='/dev/log',facility=logging.handlers.SysLogHandler.LOG_LOCAL1)

logging.log(level,"%s" % (msg))

Any idea why it wouldn't work from WSGI or how to get this to work properly? Thanks.

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It's generally bad form to put logging in a wsgi app anywhere besides environ['wsgi.errors']. why do you need this? –  IfLoop May 8 '12 at 1:57
I'd like logs from this app to go to syslog. How that happens is less important to me. I'm not very skilled with WSGI. I will look into wsgi.errors –  fredsnertz May 8 '12 at 15:42

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Does Apache user have access to '/dev/log'?

Why not send it through to Apache error log and then configure Apache to send output to syslog?

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