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Is there a way to disable a cell for editing? We can define editor at column level but can we disable that editor for specific rows?

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grid.onBeforeEditCell.subscribe(function(e,args) {
  if (!isCellEditable(args.row, args.cell, args.item)) {
    return false;
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+1 - A much better solution! I've never used this grid before so I immediately resorted to 'hacking' away at it. Here's a fiddle to compliment your answer. It simply disables editing in the 4th row. – Brandon Boone May 9 '12 at 2:47

You can disable or even change editor/formatter/validator... or other cell properties using getItemMetadata method. There is very nice documentation for this here.

$ = function (row) {
  var item = $;
  if (item.some_condition) {
    return {
      columns : {
        yourColumnId : {
          editor : null,
          formatter : function () { return 'custom formater if some_condition'; }
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