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I'm traying to animate a logo after scrolling animation or when i click any menu link but it's not working.

I got this code for animate scrolling:

jQuery(function() {
                var $anchor = jQuery(this);

                jQuery('html, body').stop().animate({
                    scrollTop: jQuery($anchor.attr('href')).offset().top
                }, 2000,'easeInOutExpo');


then, to animate the logo, if the windows position change, i made this:

        var wscroll = jQuery(this).scrollTop();
        if(wscroll > 500){
            }else if(wscroll < 500){


Here is the example

But this is not working, not at all.

Some guidance is appreciated. Tks in advance.

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Note: console.log will cause the script to crash in Firefox.

Also, the real issue is you need to use .stop() on the animation. It seems to be continually running the animation.

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That's right, after another 30 minutes checking the code, I tested with stop(true, false) and it worked perfect, thank you very much for your help. – Mauro May 8 '12 at 5:19

you can use ScrollTo plugin and OnAfter function:

$(...).scrollTo( 'SomeWhere', 1600, {onAfter:function(){ 
   //Your code
} } );
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i wrote simple example, maybe will help you. It working for me, but reaction of animation is quite slow ... don't know why :/


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You must any working scroll to plugin here's one the plugin to animate while scrolling Jquery Scrolling Plugins

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