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Need some help please with this error :

TypeError: 'unicode' object does not support item assignment

Ligne : menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(] = {}

def getDishOfTheWeek():
    menuDic = Ddict(dict)
    for menu in = True):
        for d in ='name')
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(] = {}
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'] =
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(] = {}
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(]['dishId'] =
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(]['dishState'] =
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(]['dishType'] =
            menuDic[str(]['menuDishes'][str(]['dishTypeName'][str(]['dishName'] =
    print json.dumps(menuDic, indent=5, sort_keys=True)


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Here, you assign the value, which appears to be a unicode string, to the dictionary key 'dishTypeName'.

               ['dishTypeName'] =

Then, you use item assignment on that value; the below is identical to[str(] = {}.

               ['dishTypeName'][str(] = {}

Needless to say, that results in an error, because is an immutable string.

May I add that you would be better off breaking these assignments apart into smaller pieces, perhaps with a few functions? These long assignment statements -- as I'm sure you've noticed -- are very hard to interpret and debug.

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