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I have this MS Access table with the following structure:

enter image description here

I extracted the data into a tab delimited text file with no text qualifier:

enter image description here

I found this article but it doesn't work for tab delimited file. I don't know how to display this data into DataGridView including the headers. Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Haven't tried it myself, but the easiest path I would guess would be reading the file into a DataTable (the FileHelpers library could help if needed) and then binding your DataGridView to that DataTable. – James Manning May 8 '12 at 4:05
DataGridView1.DataSource = CsvFileToDatatable(@"c:\a.csv",true);

public DataTable CsvFileToDatatable(string path, bool IsFirstRowHeader)//here Path is root of file and IsFirstRowHeader is header is there or not
            string header = "No";
            string sql = string.Empty;
            DataTable dataTable = null;
            string pathOnly = string.Empty;
            string fileName = string.Empty;


                pathOnly = Path.GetDirectoryName(path);
                fileName = Path.GetFileName(path);

                sql = @"SELECT * FROM [" + fileName + "]";

                if (IsFirstRowHeader)
                    header = "Yes";

                using (OleDbConnection connection = new OleDbConnection(
                        @"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + pathOnly +
                        ";Extended Properties=\"Text;HDR=" + header + "\""))
                    using (OleDbCommand command = new OleDbCommand(sql, connection))
                        using (OleDbDataAdapter adapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(command))
                            dataTable = new DataTable();
                            dataTable.Locale = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture;



            return dataTable;

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