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I'm using the Forge file module to try and upload an image from the gallery. Forge is running on Android 2.3 and the image selection capture bit works fine. But when I try to send the file with Request.Ajax() I get a forge exception.

I've dumped the output from the Catalyst log below

Request URL:forge.request.ajax
Request Method:undefined
Status Code:400 error

{ url: '',
  username: null,
  password: null,
  data: null,
  headers: { Accept: '*/*', 'Content-Type': 'image/jpg' },
  timeout: 60000,
  type: 'POST',
  boundary: null,
   [ { uri: 'content://media/external/images/media/212#Intent;end',
       name: 'Image',
       height: 500,
       width: 500 } ],
  fileUploadMethod: 'raw' }  // <- got this from a blog post, 

And this is what I get in return

  message: 'Forge Java error: FileNotFoundException:' }

I've checked the server side and confirmed there is no problem there (Made a test script that posts there). The app posts to the server if I remove the file attach calls.

I've looked at the sample code posted here but it seems to be using the old API and I can't find some of the methods -

Am I doing anything wrong in the file call?

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There are no obvious problems with your Catalyst output: the FileNotFoundException just indicated something went wrong on the server side. In this case, I guess wasn't expecting a multipart encoded POST.

We pushed some code live yesterday which makes our request.ajax error messages much clearer: I'd suggest you rebuild and re-run your app and see if you can tell what the server-side problem is.

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Thanks, It seems to be working now. Will put up more details if I get an inkling as to why it might have broken. Could be a server issue after all. – JohnP May 9 '12 at 12:01

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