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When a Json string contains 'key1:value1', this can be converted to the Dictionary type.

But in my case, it also contains an array of strings along with the above key:value, ie:

{k1:v1; "key2\":[{\"Key11\":{\"key21\":\"Val21\",\"key22\":\"val22\"}]

(The Json data contains some strings and some arrays.)

When I use Dictionary<string, string[]> or Dictionary<string, ArrayList> -- it is failing at the value as string - cannot convert string to string[], etc.

Still Dictionary<string, object> can be used, but is there any better way to handle this?

thanks Phani

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Is it a fixed structure as you've written, or are you looking for a general solution? –  McGarnagle May 8 '12 at 5:01
General Solution, assuming that we dont know the structures... –  HydPhani May 8 '12 at 14:36

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If you don't know the structure at compile-time, then there's no other way to serialize a JSON string-- it has to be Dictionary<string,object>. However, if you're using C# 4.0, you can use DynamicObject. Since dynamic typing defers type resolution until runtime, if you serialize using this approach, you can treat your serialized object as strongly-typed (albeit without compile-time support). That means you can use JSON-style dot notation to access properties:


To accomplish this, you can inherit from DynamicObject, and implement the TryGetMember method (quoted from this link, which has a full implementation):

public class DynamicJsonObject : DynamicObject
    private IDictionary<string, object> Dictionary { get; set; }

    public DynamicJsonObject(IDictionary<string, object> dictionary)
        this.Dictionary = dictionary;

    public override bool TryGetMember(GetMemberBinder binder, out object result)
        result = this.Dictionary[binder.Name];

        if (result is IDictionary<string, object>)
            result = new DynamicJsonObject(result as IDictionary<string, object>);
        else if (result is ArrayList && (result as ArrayList) is IDictionary<string, object>)
            result = new List<DynamicJsonObject>((result as ArrayList).ToArray().Select(x => new DynamicJsonObject(x as IDictionary<string, object>)));
        else if (result is ArrayList)
            result = new List<object>((result as ArrayList).ToArray());

        return this.Dictionary.ContainsKey(binder.Name);

Note that dynamic typing currently doesn't support indexer notation, so for arrays, you'll need to implement a workaround using notation like this:

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Your example is not valid JSON, e.g. every key and value should be surrounded by ", e.g. {"k1":"v1"}, the number of opening and closing curly brackets must match, if you escape the " character by using \" you must add a another " character, e.g. "key2\""

Use a tool such as JSONLint to validate that your JSON is correct.

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