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i'm using telerik grid for mvc. I am using ajax binding, following is the code

 colums.Bound(o => o.SomeNumber)
.ClientTemplate(Html.ActionLink("<#=SomeNumber#>", "ActionResult", "ControllerName", new { docid = ViewContext.RouteData.Values["docid"], id = "<#=RequisitionID#>" }).ToString())
.Title("Some No.")

i have a route defined as

              new {docid = "",action = "Index", id = ""},
              new { docid = @"\d+"}


and i expect the url to be like

<a href='ControllerName.mvc/docid/ActionResult/id'>SomeNumer</a>

where as the url that is contructed is like

<a id="32" href="/ControllerName.mvc/docid/ActionResult?Length=3" docid="160">SomeNumber</a>

i have failed to understand why its not being constructed according to the route defined, i have defined the route above the default route if that matters.

Please help me find out where i went wrong

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It seems you are using the wrong overload of ActionLink, and a the route values are interpreted as HTML attributes.

Try this one istead (note the null as the last parameter)

    "<#=SomeNumber#>", //Link text
    "ActionResult", // Action name
    "ControllerName", //Controller name
    new { docid = "...", id = "..." }, //route values
    null //html attributes
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i wish i could upvote you a 100 times, tnx that fixed it, i have fallen to this null trap a million times during the course of my current prj yet i can't see it every time...tnx again –  John x May 8 '12 at 6:10

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