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I would like to go to this site, click on every food item listed, click on "View More Details," and copy the entire Nutrition Facts label into a text editor.

I am stuck in a few places:

  • First, when I click "View page source" on the list of food items, I do not see < a> < /a> for each listing, and the search result parsers I've seen seem to rely on that html tag.
  • Second, I do not know how to write a script to actually follow the link to each food item.
  • Third, I do not know how to tell the script to click "View More Details."

Any help is much appreciated!


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Well, all of the things that you seem to need help with are a significant amount of work.

I'll give you a hint. The food lists are loaded via ajax. Notice the PageNo parameter. Use regular expressions to find the links in the results.

From Google dev tools:


Query Parameters: _:1336455942029 : categoryID:-1 sortBy:GuidingStars PageNo:2 Filter:-1 back:word=fat pathBreadCrumbs: word:fat

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