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I have an entity query that is storing information with the aspnet_Users's UserID along with a form submission. How can I access the the aspnet_users table in entity? Do I have to create a new data model in order to access the built-in table?

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According to Entity Framework code first aspnet_Users mapping / joins, creating EF model for aspnet_* tables is not recommended. Rather, you should use ASPNET APIs for role/membership provider. In case of data sharing with other tables, create views and do not update aspnet_* tables.

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The Asp Net SQL Membership provider 'out of the box' provides its own functionality via a SQL Client connection, so you will need another connection string as well for Entity Framework.

As @rt2800 states, don't update the membership tables directly - use the Membership API.

But for read only query purposes, I would recommend that could create a SQL view on aspnet_users / aspnet_membership (join on UserId) and include this in your EF model. Something similar to dbo.vw_aspnet_MembershipUsers.

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