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My scenario is: When user clicks on Add to cart icon, a product has to store in database by displaying a message, 'Product Added to Cart.'

Here I have used json url :

$add_to_cat = http://www.sitename.com/cgi-bin/phts.sh/js/jsread.p?call=basket&user=&lang=en&id=".$user_logged_id."&type=in&ph=".$product_id;

which is used to store the record in Progress Database Server.

My code is :

if(redirect($add_to_cat, 'location')){
 // here I want pop up message          

When redirection occurs, json file is displayed which I dont want. I just want to display a message with out opening json record file.

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Use flash data (part of the session class).

In the controller do something like;

if(redirect($add_to_cat, 'location')){
   $this->session->set_flashdata('message', 'Added to cart');          

Then in your view, something like;

    if ($this->session->flashdata('message')) {
    <div class="message flash">
        <?php echo $this->session->flashdata('message'); ?>
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