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This question seem quite popular, but somehow I can't get it right .

I've got this


Colums A in the 'Log' sheet contains dates, I want to only sum the values in the M column of the Log sheet IF the month is January .

The current expression keeps on returning 0, am I doing anything wrong ?

thanks ,

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In the second argument, the criteria has to relate back to each cell in the first argument. So, giving MONTH() a range isn't going to do any good there, it just keeps comparing A x to MONTH(A2) and getting a FALSE.

There are two easy solutions:

  1. Create a scratch column, say N, with MONTH(A2), then use that column:

  2. Use an Array formula:

    {=SUM('Log'!M2:M139 * IF(MONTH('Log'!A2:A139)=1,1,0))}

(Array formulas aren't entered with literal {} around them, they are entered using Shift-Enter and just appear with the {} around them in Excel.)

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