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I've setup komodo IDE together with xdebug to do remote debugging PHP. Everything is working fine. Now i want to watch some variables while debugging is in progress. I can watch any variables without problem but i couldn't watch any PHP SERVER variable, for example how to watch the $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] , If i use $_SERVER or SERVER or $SERVER , it will return 0. Anyone know how to do it ?


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Komodo has a specific tab for super globals. In the bottom left it has "Watch", "Locals" and "Superglobals". For SERVER, GET, POST etc, you'd want the "Superglobals" tab to be activated.

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Thanx , the problem is the superglobals is empty, and right-click menu is disabled. Btw thanx for the answer, it really gave me the idea to find the solution. There's a bug with xdebug from komodo so i have to use pecl version of xdebug , now it works. Thanx Here are the links : dmitry-dulepov.com/2010/01/… community.activestate.com/forum/… bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=85439 –  andio May 9 '12 at 18:10

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