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I am making a site , where some guy who has a facebook account can invite his friends.

The problem is that the standards facebook API provides a popup for such case , where a user who wants to invite his friends has to manually click each friend he wants to invite , after that click enter.

How can I mass send messages/notifications on facebooks to those said friends of my customer ? Same question about sneding emails , although I doubt one can ever get the frineds emails form facebook.

Please give me advice. At least tell me how to automate the "select all the friends from the popup" process.

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It's not possible. You have to use the Requests Dialog. It's a security measure which ensures that apps cannot send invitations to a user's friends without approval from the user.

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faceBook did this with EVERY SINGLE ONE social network before them. And now they will not allow others to do what they did. Cruel greedy corrupted people.... – Myke May 8 '12 at 15:18

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