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i have created one textbox named cb and i added items

cb.addItem( { label: "Sovereign", data:1 } );
cb.addItem( { label: "Banks (with option - I)", data:2 } );
cb.addItem( { label: "Banks (with option - II)", data:3 } );
cb.addItem( { label: "Retail", data:4 } );
cb.addItem( { label: "Residential", data:5 } );
cb.addItem( { label: "Corporate", data:6 } );

i want to style these list items above.i have put the setStyle to text box but its changing only the stlye of selected item.

var myFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat("verdana",12,0x000000);
cb.textField.setStyle ("textFormat",myFormat);
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I think you need to format the cell renderer also, hopefully this post will help:

Combo box text formatting

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its right..thanks neil –  Akhil May 8 '12 at 10:20

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