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I want to make use of Castle.Facilities.Logging.dll, however getting the latest version from the trunk causes problems with my already referenced version of Castle.MicroKernal.

Specifically, the error message is: "Assembly 'Castle.Facilities.Logging, Version=, ...' uses 'Castle.MicroKernel, Version=, ...' which has a higher version than referenced assembly 'Castle.MicroKernel, Version=, ...'

Any idea how I can get hold of the Castle.Facilities.Logging.dll that references the particular versions of the other Castle assemblies that I have? Is this straightforward?

You might wonder why I don't just upgrade my other assemblies, but it's because I'm making use of a third party open source Architecture (SharpArchitecture), and when I have tried updating the assemblies previously I have run into all sorts of 'dependency hell'.

Edit: I have tried getting the tagged 1.0.x-RC3 from the SVN repository, but find the build actually fails for this.

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Get your assemblies from the Castle build server. The "Windsor 2.x - .NET 3.5 - Release" build has the whole Castle stack built using the released Windsor.

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