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I have been using


to split a paragraph into sentences. However this doen't cover sentences that have been concluded with different punctuation such as ! ? : ;

Is there a way of using an array as a delimiter instead of a single character? Alternativly is there another neat way of splitting using various punctuation?

I tried

explode(("." || "?" || "!"),$mystring)

hopefully but it didn't work...

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use regular expression to match pattern and store the value in a variable , pass that variable as parameter to explode – sree May 8 '12 at 7:11
Take a look at… – Boby May 8 '12 at 7:13
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You can do:


or (simpler):

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This method removes full stops etc from the final string. – 472084 Dec 16 '13 at 9:33

You can use preg_split() combined with a PCRE lookahead condition to split the string after each occurance of ., ;, :, ?, !, .. while keeping the actual punctuation intact:


$subject = 'abc sdfs. def ghi; this is! asdasdasd? abc xyz';
// split on whitespace between sentences preceded by a punctuation mark
$result = preg_split('/(?<=[.?!;:])\s+/', $subject, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);


    [0] => abc sdfs.
    [1] => def ghi;
    [2] => this is!
    [3] => asdasdasd?
    [4] => abc xyz
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A possible problem might be if there is an email address as it could split it onto a new line half way through.

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Assuming that you actually want the punctuations marks with the end result, have you tried:

 $mystring = str_replace("?","?---",str_replace(".",".---",str_replace("!","!---",$mystring)));
 $tmp = explode("---",$mystring);

Which would leave your punctuation marks in tact.

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Use preg_split and give it a regex like [\.|\?!] to split on

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You can try preg_split

$sentences = preg_split("/[\.\?\!,;]+/", $mystring);

Please note this will remove the punctuations. If you would like to strip out leading or trailing whitespace as well

$sentences = preg_split("/[\.\?\!,;]+\s+?/", $mystring);
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$mylist = preg_split("/[\.|\?!:;]/", $mystring);
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You can't have multiple delimiters for explode. That's what preg_split(); is for. But even then, it explodes at the delimiter, so you will get sentences returned without the punctuation marks. You can take preg_split a step farther and flag it to return them in their own elements with PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE and then run some loop to implode sentence and following punctation mark in the returned array, or just use preg_match_all();:

preg_match_all('~.*?[?.!]~s', $string, $sentences);
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