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I have to use CrmDiscoveryService.asmx for DYNAMICS CRM 2011 because of the compatability to CRM 4.0. I impemented IFD authentification algorithm and now it doesnt works:

I can connect me successfully to CrmDiscoveryService.asmx from Browser (anonymous connection enabled) URL: https://internalcrm.organme>.com:444/mscrmservices/2007/spla/crmdiscoveryservice.asmx

But if I try to get connected with the same URL from ASP.NET - i receive 401 error. Code:

RetrieveCrmTicketRequest crmTicketRequest = new RetrieveCrmTicketRequest();
crmTicketRequest.OrganizationName = OrgUniqueName;
crmTicketRequest.UserId = "bnet"+"\\"+"izz";
crmTicketRequest.Password = "pass";
CrmDiscoveryService discoveryService = serviceHandler.CreateCrmDiscoveryService(crmDiscoveryServiceUrl);
discoveryService.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
RetrieveCrmTicketResponse crmTicketResponse =

//Trust all certificates
System.Net.ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback =
((sender, certificate, chain, sslPolicyErrors) => true);
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2 Answers

Might be it make sense to start from retrieving a list of available organizations, like in a sample Using the CrmDiscoveryService Web Service: IFD

// Configure an instance of the CrmDiscoveryService Web service proxy.
CrmDiscoveryService disco = new CrmDiscoveryService();
disco.Url = "https://localhost/MSCRMServices/2007/SPLA/CrmDiscoveryService.asmx";

//Retrieve a list of available organizations from the CrmDiscoveryService Web service.
RetrieveOrganizationsRequest orgRequest = new RetrieveOrganizationsRequest();
// Substitute an appropriate domain, username, and password here.
orgRequest.UserId = domain + "\\" + username;
orgRequest.Password = password;
RetrieveOrganizationsResponse orgResponse = (RetrieveOrganizationsResponse)disco.Execute(orgRequest);

//Find the target organization.
OrganizationDetail orgInfo = null;

foreach (OrganizationDetail orgdetail in orgResponse.OrganizationDetails)
    if (orgdetail.OrganizationName.Equals("AdventureWorksCycle"))
        orgInfo = orgdetail;

// Check whether a matching organization was not found. 
if (orgInfo == null)
    throw new Exception("The specified organization was not found.");

//Retrieve a CrmTicket from the CrmDiscoveryService Web service.
RetrieveCrmTicketRequest ticketRequest = new RetrieveCrmTicketRequest();
ticketRequest.OrganizationName = orgInfo.OrganizationName;
ticketRequest.UserId = domain + "\\" + username;
ticketRequest.Password = password;
RetrieveCrmTicketResponse ticketResponse =
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thanks for assumption, but no success. I have the same error. –  Igor May 8 '12 at 8:51
you can also try set user credentials in your code, but do not use 'discoveryService.UseDefaultCredentials = true;' –  paramosh May 8 '12 at 8:58
ok, i will try, thank you –  Igor May 8 '12 at 9:10
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As paramosh was saying, try setting the credentials on the discovery service too:

discoveryService.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("izz", "password", "bnet");

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