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I need to change GLPaint's brush size outside of the PaintingView.m view. How can I do this? I was first thinking about using an NSNotification to transfer the value to the PaintingView.m controller - although from there I'm not entirely sure what to do as the brush size is defined in the .h file?

Some thoughts and a small example if possible please.

Much appreciated.

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Use NSUserDefaults For store size value of brush and pass this NSUserDefaults value in .m file. Now, you can change your NSUserDefaults value from anywhere in application and also in delegate file as well using Notification. So, Whatever size store in NSUserDefaults that will automatically come in .m file.

Hope, this may help you..

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But then how can I change #define in the PaintingView.m controller? :) –  objc-obsessive May 8 '12 at 19:28

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