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Is it possible to analyze a video stream on the fly? For example, say i have a TV tuner installed and want to do some pixel testing every .5 seconds. How would one go about doing analysis? Would it be the same procedure if it was a video file (ie .mpg / .wma)?

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Just to get some more information about your question: 1) What platform/platforms are you targeting? Does this need to be cross-platform or on a single platform? 2) What specific types ov TV tuners do you have installed? 3) What kind of pixel testing are you looking to do? – Nick Haddad Jun 26 '09 at 15:58

Yes it is, have a look at OpenCV

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If it was a video file, you would have to decompress it to get the pixel information. If you wan't to do analysis at the pixel level, you basically needs to do a screenshot or a dump to disk. If you can do that, then you have access to the video frame data, and you can start to mess with it.

If you are on windows, I can't help you, but there are handsome tools where you can graphically put a filter at some point in the chain from your tv tuner to your disk.

If you are on linux, the v4l2 capture example is the way to go.

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Yes, it's possible but it is very recommended to use special non-pc hardware

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