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HTML snap code:

<div id='div'><img /></div>

jQuery code:

$("#div > img").click(function(){     
    var url = "path/to/img";
       $(this).attr("src", url);
       return false;    

In Firebug I can see only one request, but the img (from Firebug) is not the one displaying (from browser). From my server, there are two requests.

Even if I set img src first, when clicked, it will still make two requests.

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Having an image will cause a request made to the server to load its src. Changing its src will cause a request to be made for the new source.

Add the image to the document with JavaScript instead of having a placeholder there to start with.

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You should add the image tot he page with jQuery. You can use the following code to achieve this:

var img = $('<img></img>');
img.attr("src", url);

You should replace the following in your code with the code above:

$(this).attr("src", url);
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