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I have created Raphael content here ..

Now i need to move the whole content of Raphael Canvas from one co-ordinate to another co-ordinate.

For Example:

My Raphael Canvas is at -- x_coordinate:100,y_coordinate:100

Now i want to move it to -- x: 200, y :200

From the old co-ordinates i want to move that whole content to -- x:150, y:150

again to some other co-ordinates from the last co-ordinates

Please suggest me in moving this content

Thanks, Nagarjuna

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Can you not move it in the html? – Neil May 8 '12 at 9:44
I tried with some animation like this r.set(bigCircles, smallCircles, Text).animate({ transform: "t50,120" }, 1000); – Nag Arjun May 8 '12 at 10:21
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Ok I don't think you can actually more the paper itself, which is what is returned by Raphael to your r variable. You can iterate over the elements and do whatever you like to them:

r.forEach(function (el) {

I updated your fiddle to demonstrate it moving:

updated fiddle


I have also added the following to demonstrate animating your various sets:

Text.animate({transform: "t100,100"}, 1000);
smallCircles.animate({transform: "t100,100"}, 1000);
bigCircles.animate({transform: "t100,100"}, 1000);

updated fiddle with above animation

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Hi Neil, I am able to move like what you did.after translating to coordinates--(200,200),i want to move them to other coordinate like(200,250) after this again to some other coordinate (300,340) etc.. I want to move them continously to particular coordinates.Could you please help me in this... Thanks, Nagarjuna – Nag Arjun May 16 '12 at 6:26
Ya i accept have given the good answer only.Thats why iam asking you for further help. Thanks in advance – Nag Arjun May 16 '12 at 13:38

using jquery for example...

$(paper.canvas).css({top:topPosition, left: leftPosition});

The paper.canvas is how you get a hold of the dom element its within.

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