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For a project, I wan't to build a webapp, which shows (semi-) real time Tweets with specific keywords. I'm not sure how to start. Can somebody explain to me how I need to start. I have a PHP framework for my website.

  • With what language do I need to retrieve data form the Twitter API. JSON? PHP?
  • Where can I find a nice tutorial?

I hope somebody can provide me a few lines of code, just to help me on the right track.

Thanks! - Sammy

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You could use the Streaming API with the Phirehose library (PHP).

The method "filter" of this API catch all the tweets with the specified keywords in real-time. You can take a look at 140dev for an example of application using this library.

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You're right. I already found this framework myself and it does exactly what I need. Thanks! – Sammy May 16 '12 at 17:31

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