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What kind of styling should I set to two Grids in order the one to stand next to the other? In the way I have created them in the xml file, the second stands below the other and it does not comply with the style of the general Page:

      <z:StaticDataGrid  ui:field="staticDataGrid" />
      <z:DataGrid ui:field="displayedDataGrid" />

StaticDataGrid and DataGrid are class representing Grid.

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Place the grids inside a HorizontalPanel to place them side by side.

  <z:StaticDataGrid  ui:field="staticDataGrid" />
  <z:DataGrid ui:field="displayedDataGrid" />
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OK, it can be done with hPanel but it is imperative not to use one in this case. – arjacsoh May 8 '12 at 13:38

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